Posted: 8 August 2021 by Kostas.
The Raku Conference 2021
The talk Multi-network Ethereum dApp in Raku  at TRC2021. There we have tried to manage multi Ethrerum networks heterogeneous environment with Pheix as the transparent relay of data flows from one net to another. Check it out →

The Perl & Raku conference 2021

Posted: 10 June 2021
The lightning talk Unite the ethereum networks was given at TPRCiC2021. There was a quick tour to one more perspective on Pheix application area.

German Perl & Raku workshop 2021

Posted: 28 March 2021 by Kostas
The talk about Pheix β-release summary was given at German Perl & Raku workshop. There was a deep dive into beta version: tips, tricks, improvements, benchmarks and breaking changes. Check it out →

Pheix is β-released now!

Posted: 19 February 2021 by Kostas
🔥 Today Pheix CMS is officially beta released. The new milestone is passed and I'm happy to present the short β-release pitch with some technical and non-technical details! Enjoy →

FOSDEM 2021 announcement

Posted: 4 February 2021 by Kostas
We would like to announce «Programming Digital Audio Server (DAS) backend with Raku» talk at FOSDEM 2021 Perl development room. There will be a few interesting tricks and hacks related to digital signal processing, native calls from Raku applications and Pheix content management system integrations. See U there!

Pheix Release Candidate 1

Posted: 17 January 2021 by Kostas
Pheix CMS release candidate 1 is announced. I'm working for full roadmap and today I would like to share some technical details. The basic breaking changes are introducing administration layer and migrating from LZW::Revolnet compression module to Compress::Bzip2.

Raku Advent Calendar 2020: day 8

Posted: 8 December 2020 by Kostas
The article «Raku web templating engines: boost up the parsing performance» is published at official Raku Advent Calendar blog 🎉. It was originally inspired by the development of Pheix CMS. Some of the ideas outlined there are put into code of public Pheix β-version.

TPCiC 2020

Posted: 28 June 2020 by Kostas
The talk was successfully performed at The Perl Conference in The Cloud 2020 this Friday. It was the great experience! We have 50+ registered and over 60 online attendees at the peak during online streaming (Zoom+YouTube). Check out slides and video!

Private β-version Release

Posted: 20 June 2020 by Kostas
Today Pheix private beta version was released. This release has full Ethereum blockchain support, ~100% coverage tests and representation layer generic implementation. Our test net is still at development stage with strict access, so you can try Pheix features by request — just email us and we will send you integration instructions. Track our news feed: we will announce Public beta release details ASAP.

26th SPb blockchain community meetup

Posted: 5 April 2020 by Kostas
Practical part of Querying the Ethereum blockchain nodes with Raku was successfully presented at 26th Saint Petersburg blockchain community meetup. Updated slides and video are online!

German Perl & Raku Workshop 2020

Posted: 09 March 2020 by Kostas
The talk «Querying the Ethereum blockchain nodes with Raku» with a few references to Pheix CMS has been performed at German Perl and Raku Workshop 2020. It was great to meet German perl mongers and to be the part of the largest and the most prestigious EU workshop. Video is online, enjoy it!

Swiss Perl Workshop 2019

Posted: 31 August 2019 by Kostas
«Pheix: Perl6-based CMS with data storing on blockchain» talk was presented at day 2 of Swiss Perl Workshop 2019. Video is online, enjoy it!