Posted: 28 June 2020 by Kostas.
Creating secure decentralized CMS on Ethereum blockchain with Raku
The talk was successfully performed at The Perl Conference in The Cloud 2020 this Friday. It was the great experience! We have 50+ registered and over 60 online attendees at the peak during online streaming (Zoom+YouTube). Check out slides and video!

Private β-version Release

Posted: 20 June 2020 by Kostas
Today Pheix private beta version was released. This release has full Ethereum blockchain support, ~100% coverage tests and representation layer generic implementation. Our test net is still at development stage with strict access, so you can try Pheix features by request — just email us and we will send you integration instructions. Track our news feed: we will announce Public beta release details ASAP.

The Perl Conference in the Cloud

Posted: 15 June 2020 by Kostas
The talk Creating secure decentralized content management systems on Ethereum blockchain with Raku will be performed at Conference in the Cloud (The Perl Conference 2020) on 26th June at 1:00 pm. There will be a few references to Pheix. The conference will take place on Zoom, registering will allow you to join all sessions and communicate with the speakers — just buy your ticket!

26th SPb blockchain community meetup

Posted: 5 April 2020 by Kostas
Practical part of Querying the Ethereum blockchain nodes with Raku was successfully presented at 26th Saint Petersburg blockchain community meetup. Updated slides and video are online!

German Perl & Raku Workshop 2020

Posted: 09 March 2020 by Kostas
The talk «Querying the Ethereum blockchain nodes with Raku» with a few references to Pheix CMS has been performed at German Perl and Raku Workshop 2020. It was great to meet German perl mongers and to be the part of the largest and the most prestigious EU workshop. Video is online, enjoy it!

Pheix Gitter chat

Posted: 22 December 2019 by Kostas
Gitter is impressive tool to get quick answer to Pheix CMS related questions from core developers. Please feel free to get in touch and share your thoughts there. See U!


Posted: 19 September 2019 by Kostas
I’m proud to introduce core-dependency module LZW::Revolunet — Raku/Perl6 implementation of universal lossless data compression algorithm created by Abraham Lempel, Jacob Ziv, and Terry Welch.

Swiss Perl Workshop 2019

Posted: 31 August 2019 by Kostas
«Pheix: Perl6-based CMS with data storing on blockchain» talk was presented at day 2 of Swiss Perl Workshop 2019. Video is online, enjoy it!